Im running to help support FareShare South West

Date: 09/04/2022 Person Damian

Eva has decided that they are going to do the Toddler Dash at the Family Festival Of Running to support FareShare South West

They will be running on the 9th of april and any support you able to give would be really appreciated. You can find out more about the run and start to raise money your selves on the event page.

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You have raised £ of £250.00

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Your favourite hospitality human WISHES FOR

the gift of becoming a Mental Health First Aider


Kelly's Cause trains folks from all different levels of the hsopitality industry in Mental Health First Aid with the support of Mental Health First Aid England.  
The two day Mental Health First Aid Course provides participants with an in-depth understanding of mental health and the many factors that contribute to an individuals well-being. Participants learn practical skills to spot the signs of a number of different mental health issues.
The course will also provide participants with the confidence needed to support a person in a mental health crisis using the Mental Health First Aid action plan, as well as the correct place to guide someone for further support.
Help us create a mentally healthy hositality industry for all.

child with cancer WISHES FOR

a family support pack containing useful and essential items for a hospital stay


£30 towards items for our family support packs which are given by newly diagnosed families. These packs contain useful and essential items for a hospital stay and will provide comfort and support.

young people WISHES FOR

Mental health peer support session



We offer free mental health peer support sessions for children, young people, and their parents. These sessions help young people better understand their mental health challenges and navigate through the recovery journey. Your gift will fund a free peer support session. Sometimes, it’s just one session that can save a young person from self-harm. Over the last six months, we have supported 1430 families across the UK.

Our Mission

Deliver quality and accessible mental health services to children and young people on a large scale. 

Our Vision

Build a bright and healthy future for children and young people.

Who we are?

We are a non-profit organization that uses technology to bring the right information and support for the mental health of children and young people.

Why do we do this?

We know how hard it is to find the right information and support at the right time. More than 70% of our team have lived or shared experience of mental health conditions. We founded Mindsum because we felt there’s a need for an all-in-one solution.

We want to make mental healthcare more accessible to children, young people, and their parents.

How do we do it?

We do this by providing the right information and giving access to the right therapists, as well as dedicating all our profits towards funding therapy for those who cannot afford to pay.

A Disabled Child WISHES FOR

Specialist Trike


Autism Together WISHES FOR

Portable Yoga Mats for mindfulness sessions


We run many mindfulness sessions at Autism Together and our Raby site would like to start doing these during the good weather out on our fields with nature and our goats and alpaccas roaming around. By being portable mats we can take them to support people directly in their homes or an area of their choosing such as our woodlands or wooden chalets. 

Grief Encounter South West WISHES FOR

a bereaved family to attend a residential weekend


Dr Brown Preemie bottles WISHES FOR

Special 60ml feeding bottles


These bottles have a much smaller teat with a smaller hole, which stops the milk from flowing too fast and flooding the mouths of the very little cardiac babies, giving them a bit more time to try and sort out their suck and swallow. 

Amelia Trust Farm WISHES FOR

Someone to sponsor one of our sheep for a year and help us give them the love and care they deserve.


Every effort goes into ensuring the highest standard of welfare and care is given to each and every animal at Amelia Trust.

Our animals play an important role in the work we do with disadvantaged young people. Throughout their time with us, our young people learn the skills needed to look after the animals and gain confidence from taking responsibility for the animals. For many of our young people, the opportunity to interact with animals is completely new.

By sponsoring one of our animals, you will help us continue this work.
It costs us £154 per day to feed and care for the animals at our Farm. If you sponsor an animal, your money will be used to pay for:
  • Veterinary care to keep our animals healthy
  • Food, bedding and enrichment
  • Maintenance of our animal housing


A Restorative Justice process


Belong's restorative justice interventions reduce crime and the harm it causes by enabling victims of crime to communicate safely with those who have caused harm. They assist victims of crime to move on from incidents of harm and empower those who have caused harm to take responsibility for their actions and avoid reoffending. MOJ Research (2008) showed that: 


  • Restorative justice leads to a 14% reduction in the rate of reoffending.
  • 85% of victims were satisfied with the process of meeting their offender face to face, and 78% would recommend it to other people in their situation.
  • 62% of victims felt that restorative justice had made them feel better after an incident of crime while just 2% felt it had made them feel worse.
  • For every £1 spent on delivering a face to face meeting, £8 was saved through reductions in reoffending.

A Disabled Child WISHES FOR

30 minute Hydrotherapy Session



You to fund a BillyChip starter pack.


When an new outlet joins the BillyChip® scheme we send them a starter box which contains 25 chips, 1x window stickers, 2x big stickers, 1x foam strut card, 2x cardboard strut cards, 3x A4 posters and 40x BillyChip decals. This means they now have all the bits needed to be able to provide a hot drink or food for the rough sleepers to spread a little kindness and compassion.