Wishy is delighted to announce our partnership with Kindred, giving you the opportunity to make more wishes come true with every online purchase.

Kindred is an online browser plugin that allows you to get cashback on purchases. Kindred have teamed up with wishy to allow you to push some of that cashback or all of the cashback to wishy and then this will help us to purchases wishes for charities.

Wishy encourages you to add our browser extension by clicking the button above and following the steps to sign up. Never miss the best discounts, cash back deals or opportunities to support us, as you shop online. Thank you for your kindness.

How it works

Add in seconds
Just two clicks to add the Kindred Extension to your laptop/desktop computer.

Shop as usual
We’ll find the best deals and cashback offers.

Save, earn & donate instantly
With every purchase you can earn cashback and donate.

Grant Wishes Add the plugin

This year I don't want any gifts

Instead of presents why not ask for wishes to be granted in your name? A selfless act that helps people in real need

After all the joy is in the giving, right?


Make some wishes for your charity

Wishy is totally free for any registered UK charity or CIC. There is no subscription fee for using the service, so why not give it a try?

It's a new way to raise money!