Create a wishlist

You can create a list of your favouite wishes that you would like people to buy in your name. This is great for:

Instead of presents for a Birthday or Anniversary

Sponsership for an activity

Just to help amazing good causes

How do you setup a wishlist

Login or register an account

Click on Your Wishlistin the top navigation

Click on Add Wishlist from the wishlists page

Find wishes you like and click the star icon and add it to your list

Share your page and get friends to buy or donate to help your chosen causes

Grant Wishes Add the plugin

This year I don't want any gifts

Instead of presents why not ask for wishes to be granted in your name? A selfless act that helps people in real need

After all the joy is in the giving, right?


Make some wishes for your charity

Wishy is totally free for any registered UK charity or CIC. There is no subscription fee for using the service, so why not give it a try?

It's a new way to raise money!