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Make a wish


Become a real life superhero and grant wishes from real people in need

Wishy is a new platform that allows you to not just donate money to charities but purchase things that they really need. Something for the homeless or a gift for a child, Wishy hopes to bring a new way of giving to charities and help you know where your money is going. Why not become a superhero today and buy something for someone who really needs it.
parents of a stillborn baby WISHES FOR

the cost of posting 1 box containing Cherished Gowns packs to a UK hospital


Cherished Gowns UK is a charity that provides the families of babies that are stillborn, miscarried or pass away shortly after birth with items of clothing that they are able to be dressed in for their funeral. We offer five sizes of Cherished Gowns, and each gown is accompanied by a hat, pair of booties, a blanket and a cloth nappy. These items are provided completely free of charge to parents, funeral directors, and we also supply every UK hospital with this service. All of the items that we provide are lovingly made by volunteers around the UK, from donated Wedding Dresses.


Specialist training to treat leprosy patients


Nurses provide vital ongoing treatment and support for those with leprosy, both within medical facilities and camps, as well as through outreach programmes in local communities. 

The homeless WISHES FOR

100 takeaway cups to provide hot drinks at our daily outreach


Homeless person WISHES FOR

48 cans of cold drinks for when the weather begins to get warmer whilst on outreach


A grieving family WISHES FOR

a personalised pebble in memory of a lost baby


Secured in our Baby Memorial Garden in Rochester, Kent. The Baby Garden is open to parents and families who want to come to a quiet, beautiful place to remember their baby.

Young Carer WISHES FOR

A 1-2-1 for a qualified staff member session


Your donation would provide a 1-2-1 session to support a young carer who may be in crisis.

Dover smART Project was founded in 2013 to provide opportunities for disadvantaged children in Dover to take part in a wide range of creative activities and experiences to boost their confidence, enhance their well-being, raise their aspirations and widen their outlook on the world. The charity soon evolved and began similar work with other groups, such as the people without a home and hospice patients, using art and creativity to support their various needs.

child with cancer WISHES FOR

AV1 robot to help me participate in class from hospital isolation


Childhood cancer is a life changing diagnosis.

It affects the child diagnosed but also their siblings, parents and their friends and teachers at school. A child with cancer faces prolonged periods of time away from school in isolation and in hospital. The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust cannot change the child’s diagnosis, but we can help to make a real difference by giving them some hope and a level of normality whilst they are fighting their illness.

Why do we need these robots?

By giving isolated children this ‘window’ to their friends and the outside world, we can help them to bridge the gap. The AV1 robot allows children in a hospital bed to interact with their classroom and their peers at the same time. Not only does this bring hope and positivity to children (and their families) affected by cancer but also to their peers who are facing the sudden disappearance of their friend. We have seen how Oscar, Lucy and Zain, who have already been given the use of our AV1 robots, have already benefitted.


How many children need help?

In the counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, there are approximately 75 children diagnosed with cancer every year, with around 40 being of school age. Of these school children, more than a half will need extended periods of hospitalisation or isolation during their treatment. Our aim is to be able to support these children with our AV1 machines wherever possible. Over the first three years of the project, we aim to purchase 18 new AV1 machines and support packages for these children to use. Referrals will be made directly from cancer specialist nurse teams to ensure that the children that need them are not missed.


More information on our website >>

a child with a heart condition WISHES FOR

Bespoke handmade Hospital Pyjamas for Heart Child during and after open heart surgery


These Pyjamas make children feel special after the ordeal of heart surgery and provide the practical benefit of hiding medical and monitoring equipment.

Heart Heroes work with children and their families living with heart conditions. We aim to provide services for these children, to help them meet others who are in similar situations and allow their family to talk to other families going through related experiences. At Heart Heroes we: Support children with heart diseases aged 0 – 16. Organise events and provide socialising opportunities for children to attend. We aim to introduce families with similar experiences so that they can support each other.


This year I don't want any gifts

Instead of presents why not ask for wishes to be granted in your name? A selfless act that helps people in real need

After all the joy is in the giving, right?


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