Become a real life superhero and grant wishes from real people in need

Wishy is a new platform that allows you to not just donate money to charities but purchase things that they really need. Something for the homeless or a gift for a child, Wishy hopes to bring a new way of giving to charities and help you know where your money is going. Why not become a superhero today and buy something for someone who really needs it.
Be WEll Collective WISHES FOR

a donation to support one young adult with a mental health mentor for six months


Mentoring Young Creatives is a programme that matches a vulnerable young person with a well suited, experienced mentor to help support and guide them. Mentoring can help to reduce the rates of mental health issues by providing access to support with a like minded individual, helping young people to feel less alone in their mental health struggles. 

A Young Person WISHES FOR

Donate a Slappy box to The Boarding School


Our new skate school project has been really busy in it's first few weeks. It's great to be welcoming young people back into the youth centre again. We'd really like to add to the equipment we have on offer and this donation will enable us to purchase a new slappy box. What's that? well its a grind-able box for skateboarding, that allows the skaters to 'slap' or ride straight onto it, much more easy and accessible to new skaters!

It is a huge donation so our young people are putting their subs towards the box too (it's total cost is £175). The box will be dedicated in your name if you wish, or just a personalised message and create years of memories and fun in our Skate School.

Desperate Children and Families trapped in violence in Darfur, Sudan WISHES FOR

food, water and basic medical supplies so that they can survive the fighting that has devestated Darfur.


We are seeking emergency help for families who are desperately short of food and water. They dare not leave their homes whilst fighting rages around them - battles have broken out across Darfur, not just in Khartoum. Children are always the first to suffer when fighting erupts. The situation in Darfur has exacerbated an already dire situation where shortages across the country have led to many families struggling to feed their children. In Darfur, conditions were already worse than we have ever known. Families need basic essentials including flour and seeds as well as repairs to broken water hand pumps. Drinking water is in desperately short supply. Please consider donating to support our life-saving work.

Ailsa’s Aim Carry Cot Campaign WISHES FOR

Sponsor a carry cot of items to parents with a baby in special care.


We are running a special campaign for our Neonatal parents. We know how difficult it is to have a baby in special care. We have devised a carry cot full of items to help spend precious moments with the new baby. 
the carry cot and contents have a retail price of over £150, but we are lucky enough to be able to supply and deliver them for £50. 
in sponsoring a carry cot we can add your details, so that your item goes to a recipient in one of our partnered hospitals. We are limited to just 60 carry cots which will be sent to one of the following hospitals: 

NorthamptonGeneral, Kettering General, Milton Keynes University Hospital and Norwich and Norfolk Hospital. 



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Im running to help support Pratham UK


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Im running to help support Dover Smart Project


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Im running to help support The You Foundation


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Im running to help support Dame Emily Park Project




This year I don't want any gifts

Instead of presents why not ask for wishes to be granted in your name? A selfless act that helps people in real need

After all the joy is in the giving, right?


Make some wishes for your charity

Wishy is totally free for any registered UK charity or CIC. There is no subscription fee for using the service, so why not give it a try?

It's a new way to raise money!


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