The Team

The idea for Wishy came about when co-founders Liam and Daniel were looking to donate to charity at Christmas. They discussed how they wanted to know how their donation could help someone, it felt impersonal to just donate money and they were interested in making it a gift especially for the time of year. Through these discussions they came up with the idea for Wishy and using their 20 years of web-based skill and experience they made their idea a reality.

The Concept allows people to grant wishes for charities. Think of these as ‘micro-grants’. You can list ‘wishes’ for one-off needs or things you need regularly. For example, an animal shelter might have a one-off wish for money for a veterinary bill to be paid, or an ongoing wish for pet food. The public can grant these wishes by donating money on Wishy. Wishes are small enough that one donor fulfils the entire wish rather than adding to a larger pot. Direct

100% of donation goes direct to the Charity.

The money goes to a specific need and is solving a specific problem.

The donor grants the entire wish rather than just a small percentage of a larger fundraising effort.

Knowing that you have made the world better in a measurable way is intensely satisfying and we find people end up wanting to grant more and more wishes.

100% of the money paid to grant a wish is used for that purpose.

We charge the donor a small % to cover payment processing and to keep the platform running.

Wishy has the best interests of both the charity and the donor at heart and together we can make a big difference.

Grant Wishes Frequently asked questions?

This year I don't want any gifts

Instead of presents why not ask for wishes to be granted in your name? A selfless act that helps people in real need

After all the joy is in the giving, right?


Make some wishes for your charity

Wishy is totally free for any registered UK charity or CIC. There is no subscription fee for using the service, so why not give it a try?

It's a new way to raise money!