Im running to help support The You Foundation

Date: 09/04/2022 Person Darren

Gemma has decided that they are going to do the 5k at the Family Festival Of Running to support The You Foundation

They will be running on the 9th of april and any support you able to give would be really appreciated. You can find out more about the run and start to raise money your selves on the event page.

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You have raised £ of £250.00

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Grief Encounter South West WISHES FOR

a grief relief kit for a bereaved family


A young person WISHES FOR

Toothbrush Stick, Miswak, Chewing Stick Natural Dental Care


They are used normally by asylum seeking young people using our services to brush their teeth and it would be really beneficial if we had a stock of them to give to current/new yp – the same as we do with western toothbrushes for our young people who need them.

Ladies designer make up bags for cancer patients. WISHES FOR

Ladies designer make up packs sent direct to ladies in hospital receiving cancer treatment.


We have devised these bags to lift ladies when they are going through cancer treatment.  We all know the effects of cancer treatment and how some people find that they loose identity when they are recieving it.  These little packs are given to ladies undergoing current treatment for cancers to help lift spirits where needed.

A homeless person WISHES FOR

A hot meal in a safe place


For as little as the price of a takeaway coffee, £3 could provide a freshly cooked, hot meal for someone homeless or struggling with other vulnerabilities.

These meals are all cooked fresh on the day and served in the safe and warm space that is our homeless cafe.

A person with leprosy WISHES FOR

A Physiotherapy session


Leprosy can cause a number of deformities and mobility issues, but physiotherapy helps to correct and minimise the effects of these, and has a hugely positive impact on people's daily lives. 

Amelia Trust Farm WISHES FOR

Someone to sponsor one of our rabbits for a year and help us give them the love and care they deserve.


Every effort goes into ensuring the highest standard of welfare and care is given to each and every animal at Amelia Trust.

Our animals play an important role in the work we do with disadvantaged young people. Throughout their time with us, our young people learn the skills needed to look after the animals and gain confidence from taking responsibility for the animals. For many of our young people, the opportunity to interact with animals is completely new.

By sponsoring one of our animals, you will help us continue this work.
It costs us £154 per day to feed and care for the animals at our Farm. If you sponsor an animal, your money will be used to pay for:
  • Veterinary care to keep our animals healthy
  • Food, bedding and enrichment
  • Maintenance of our animal housing

Young Person WISHES FOR

the opportunity to use our professional-level recording studio


Our music studio has been running since 2008, offering young people the opportunity to express themselves and learn how to write and record music. Our trained sound technitians work with young people twice weekly to explore issues that are important to them and put it into something positive and expressive.

A grieving sibling WISHES FOR

a copy of "The Baby" book to explain loss


"The Baby" is a magical rhyming book that is intended to support families that are suffering or have suffered with the loss of a baby. Written by talented children’s author Joseph Hopkins in collaboration with registered charity ‘Making Miracles’, the book is intended to help families talk and provoke communication about this tough subject. Research showed that families find talking to young children or siblings particularly hard and that is where ‘The Baby’ can help. Wonderful, simple and calm illustrations are a perfect fit for the book.


Face painting


Homeless Man WISHES FOR

12 pairs of brand new mens boxer shorts


A person with leprosy WISHES FOR

Surgery to prevent disability


Surgical intervention can prevent people who have leprosy from sustaining long-term disabilities, which as well as stopping them from earning income, can have a huge impact on both their mental health and their daily lives.