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London-based Sandblast charity supports the plight of the Saharawi refugees of Western Sahara. They have been largely displaced, since 1975, to harsh desert camps in Algeria. Through our educational, artistic and skills training programmes we seek to empower Saharawi refugee women and children, in particular, to amplify their voices and bolster their threatened culture. We also advocate for the fundamental UN-recognised rights of the Saharawi people to self-determination. Western Sahara is a former Spanish colony and Africa's last territory awaiting to be decolonised according to the UN Charter. It has been the site of a protracted conflict ever since neighbouring Morocco forcefully annexed the territory nearly 5 decades ago.

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A Saharawi refugee child WISHES FOR

a drinking water tank for 70 refugee children attending Desert Voicebox, our after-school programme teaching English and music at primary school level in the Saharawi desert camps in Algeria.


Saharawi refugee children learn English and music over 4 years in a bespoke curriculum  at Desert Voicebox 5 times a week and are taught by locally sourced Sandblast-trained Saharawi women. As there is no running water nearby we would like to provide the children learning at Desert Voicebox with access to clean water by installing a 1000 litre water tank.

A Saharawi English teacher living in refugee camps in ALGERIA WISHES FOR

her and her team of 5 to have their food and transport costs covered to be able to participate in a one month intensive pedagogical training programme at the American Institute in Algiers.


Saharawi refugee women are at the heart of delivering English language education to primary school aged children at our Desert Voicebox afterschool programme, based in camps near Tindouf in SW Algeria. Throughout the academic year, up to 80 children learn at four progressive levels, five days a week, in a 4 years-long curriculum.

Sandblast has taken on the mission of providing opportunities for local refugee women, who were not able to go to university, to develop careers locally and become educational leaders in their community in order to drive the Desert Voicebox project forward. The training  provided since the project started, in 2016, has had and continues to have a life-changing impact on them. 

This training opportunity in Algiers, over the summer of 2023, will vitally help our  DV teachers to strengthen their skills in English language teaching to improve the quality of the learning experience for the Saharawi refugee children enrolled at Desert Voicebox.

A Desert Voicebox student WISHES FOR

an air-conditioner with a protector cover to replace the one stolen from our music room which kept it cool and bearable for us to learn on hot desert days.


Having air-conditioners at our Desert Voicebox learning centre is not a luxury. It's a necessity! For many months throughout the year the temperature can rise above 40 degrees celcius and we literally cook in the classroom without one an air-conditioner. Please give us the gift of relief and the chance to enjoy learning in a comfortable environment inside away from the scorching sun.

The Desert Voicebox learning centre WISHES FOR

a repair job on the leaking roof so the Saharawi refugee students can continue learning in a dry and mold-free environment


More frequent extreme weather in the Saharawi refugee camps is causing havoc with life which is already precarious for the majority of the population living in that part of the inhospitable Saharan desert of SW Algeria. Most buildings are not built to deal with freak heavy rains. Help us put a more solid roof on to protect our learning centre against heavy rains in the future.