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Many people believe that leprosy is a thing of the past but, sadly, World Health Organisation figures show that more than 200,000 people are diagnosed with leprosy every year. Many more cases go unreported because they occur in poor and remote communities that have little or no access to healthcare.

St Francis Leprosy Guild has been helping to care for people with leprosy for the past 125 years and now we are rising to a new challenge. We are supporting our partners across the globe to train health workers and volunteers who can reach out into poor communities to detect, treat and cure new cases of leprosy before the disease can take hold.

For the first time in centuries, an end to leprosy is within sight and the Guild is determined to play its part.

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Early screening for leprosy, to prevent disability developing


If leprosy is suspected, the sooner a diagnosis happens, the better, as then the patient can begin treatment as soon as possible. This reduces the risk of them suffering from long term health issues caused by this disease such as losing fingers or toes, or other disfigurements. 



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